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00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

For ALL Working People Looking To Start An Online Business That Gives TRUE Time & Financial Freedom

Short Video Explains: How Fed-Up, Hard Working People Are Making An Honest £10K+ Per Month Online Simply By Changing The Way They Sell What They Know

WITHOUT Any Technical, Marketing, or Business Experience...

...and WITHOUT Taking Any Big Risks Or Making Any Big Leaps.

A Virtual 4-Day Workshop Designed To Help You Get Your Online Business Set Up, Mapped out And Running.

You’ll Learn:

  • Your Hidden Superpower that people are willing to pay you for
  • ​How To Create A Profitable Coaching Program around that superpower
  • ​The 0-30K 4-Month Plan (or 0-10k if that feels more achievable)
  • ​1-on-1 Feedback on your offer
  • A Realistic Personalized Roadmap on the first 12 months income with that offer
  • And so much more…
  • Your Hidden Superpower that people are willing to pay you for
  • ​How To Create A Profitable Coaching Program around that superpower
  • ​The 0-30K 4-Month Plan (or 0-10k if that feels more achievable)
  • ​1-on-1 Feedback on your offer
  • A Realistic Personalized Roadmap on the first 12 months income with that offer
  • And so much more…

Plus, as a BONUS, you’ll get instant access to 6 of our best coach-building courses (more on those below)

Hi Friend,

If you’d like to learn exactly how I was able to make over £2.4Million in 18 months using the information revealed in this workshop, without any certifications, qualifications ao ANY prior business experience and, admittedly…

Using A Completely Counterintuitive Business Model

…then I implore you to keep reading.

And it’s not just me that’s been able to succeed. Here are just a few of my students who have done it using the same exact information I’m about to show you:

David had his biggest sale ever, an over $60,000 booking, from what he learned in the workshop.
Then there’s Julia, a complete beginner, who soon sold 4 of her programs, bringing in over £4,000 and having over £24,000 worth of prospects in her pipeline withing 30 days of finishing the workshop.
And another 4-Day Workshop attendee who started using these strategies and is now making £1,500+ Per DAY!
And David, Julia and Ben are just a few of the over 640+ UK people who are doing things differently, getting paid what they’re worth, simply…

By Selling What They Know

And I can almost guarantee…

This business model is unlike any method you’ve heard of before.

In fact, this is something completely different, because…
You DON’T need a bunch of money to invest in ‘products’ or ‘merchandise’ to get started
You DON’T need any certifications, qualifications or previous business experience
You DON’T need to work full-time doing it (you can do it in your SPARE TIME!)

So… what DO you need?


Not only in this model…

But more importantly – in yourself.
Because while this is something that has the power to change everything for you…
…you still need to be willing to take action.

And when you do, I can promise… It WILL change everything for you.

This Is A BOOMING £172 BILLION Industry

With MILLIONS of people crying out for HELP you could provide.

Bigger than computer games or movies…and YOU could be a part of it.

Folks, what I’m talking about is the e-Learning industry.

Online learning.

Where people with PAY you to not just teach them something…

…but, more importantly, guide them through it as an online, virtual COACH.
And this is EXACTLY how I’ve been able to make over £2.4million over the last 2years.

And why you can do it too, because...It's SO Easy

And now is the perfect time to get started…

You just need to know HOW.

Which I’m going to tell you about right now…

BUT This Opportunity Won’t Last Long Because Of How Easy It Is For ANYONE To Get Started With…

Which is good for YOU if you get started right now… 

But for people who wait – they'll miss out.

Similar with how 10yrs ago you could buy 1,000 bitcoins for about 100 pounds...

But if you wanted to buy 1,000 bitcoin today… you’d have to pay about $30million. So that window closed…

However THIS window to be an online coach is open, and happening right now.

Which is one of the MANY reasons why THIS business model is the BEST business model for 40 to 55yr olds from the UK right now.

Because for one of the first times in history..

You can get paid to coach people and teach them your knowledge, passions, skills, hobbies and experience!

And that’s exactly how I’ve helped 100s of my students generate anywhere from £5,000/mo… £10,000/mo… even £15,000 a month.

And, for just £19 today, it’s how I want to help YOU too, with my…


4-Day Offer Building Workshop

(Plus Exclusive Bonuses)

This is the secret behind my £2.4MILLION in profits in the last 18 months.

And my students who have used it to make £5,000... £10,000... Even £15,000+/Mo just by selling what they already know know…what they are already passionate about!

You’ll discover the step-by-step process to starting your own business – how to attract people who WANT to pay you money…to learn the knowledge in your head – in just 4 days.

Here’s the EXACT 4-Step System You’ll Learn When you grab the Workshop for just £19 today…


Your Superpower

You'll discover your hidden superpower… something people would be willing to pay you for… This is where we dive into the things you’re passionate about and turn them into an irresistible offering that people won’t be able to pass up on.


Creating Your First Program

I'll show you how to create your first coaching program around it (no experience required). Forget about creating a huge time-consuming course. You’ll learn the best way to leverage your knowledge and time…and get the best return possible.


0 to 30k Per Month In 4 Months

How to grow from 0 to 30k in only 4 months as a new coach (or how to go from 0 to 10k if that feels more achievable for you). Plus a LIVE ask-me-anything Q&A session.


1-to-1 Coaching Session - Feedback & Income Projection

In this session, you'll be working with one of our coaches, one to one. Where they will give you feedback on your new offer to improve it. And then, they will give you an estimate of your offer based on our vast experience of working with hundreds of successful coaches. And then plug your value into our coaching calculator to give you a solid idea of what your first twelve months could realistically look like.

You will literally…

Plan, Create & Launch Your Business
in Just 4 Short LIVE Sessions

Now, I normally sell this workshop for £497... and let me tell you…it is worth every bit even at that price.

But when you grab yours today you can get it for just £19!

And that’s not the end of it.

To make this deal a little sweeter I’m actually going to give you instant access to, not one, not two, but…

6 Of Our Best Coach-Building Courses As A

Limited Time BONUS

I want to make sure that you have absolutely everything you could possibly need to take what you already know and turn it into a thriving online business that not only gives you the life you’ve always dreamed of…

…but the life you know you deserve.

Here’s what you’ll receive when you grab the Workshop today:


1-2-1 Coaching Session


Personalised feedback from an expert that has seen hundreds of success stories.

In this BONUS you will:

  • Get feedback on what you plan on offering from your personal coach.
  • ​Learn how much your idea is worth and map out your first year of expected income.
  • ​See how much you could make as a new online coaching in your first year based on your own experience and offer.


Coaching Wealth Calculator


What will your first year as a coach be worth?

You’ll be able to:

  • Plug in your actual numbers (Not some “pie in the sky” dream. This is based off of real data).
  • ​Calculate your incomings and outgoings.
  • ​Base all of these off of your own experience and offer.


Hot & Profitable Coaching Niches


Don’t know what your superpower is just yet?

This BONUS is for people who may:

  • Need inspiration on what niche they could coach on.
  • ​Think nobody will pay them for their expertise.

This will walk you through all of the niches making big money right now (absolute gold)!


Mindset & Productivity Hacks


Want to make sure you get the most out of this experience?

This BONUS is for those who want to:

  • Become mentally unstoppable.
  • ​Tap into their full potential.
  • ​Get rid of the common roadblocks that stop people from being successful in this industry before they ever happen.
  • ​Destroy self-imposed limiting beliefs.
  • ​Create an environment where it’s almost impossible to fail.


Successful Coaches Case Studies


Want to see EXACTLY how others have done it?

In this BONUS you’ll have access to:

  • See what actual successful coaching businesses look like from the inside.
  • Interviews from actual successful Sell What You Know Mentorship clients.


Sell What You Know Media Vault

Top notch training specifically for coaches

This BONUS is a vast library of incredible training from our famous Sell What You Know Show featuring many, many world class speakers and trainers teaching you a wide range of subjects.


Here’s What You’ll Get

when you purchase the Workshop today:

  • Core Program: Sell What You Know 4-Day Workshop (£497.00 Value)
  • ​​Bonus 1: Coaching & Feedback On Your Offer (£197.00 Value)
  • ​Bonus 2: Coaching Wealth Calculator (£49.00 Value)
  • ​Bonus 3: Hot Coaching Niches (£35.00 Value)
  • ​​Bonus 5: Successful Coaches Case Studies (£49.00 Value)
  • ​​Bonus 6: Sell What You Know Media Vault (£97.00 Value)
  • Core Program: Sell What You Know 4-Day Workshop (£497.00 Value)
  • ​​Bonus 1: Coaching & Feedback On Your Offer (£197.00 Value)
  • ​Bonus 2: Coaching Wealth Calculator (£49.00 Value)
  • ​Bonus 3: Hot Coaching Niches (£35.00 Value)
  • ​​Bonus 5: Successful Coaches Case Studies (£49.00 Value)
  • ​​Bonus 6: Sell What You Know Media Vault (£97.00 Value)

​​Total Value Of  £924.00 

Yours Today For ONLY £19!

So…What’s The Catch?

Why Just £19?

Look, I realise this is very inexpensive and that I’m practically giving it away…

And you’re probably wondering:

“If you’re doing so well with this, why would you give it away for next to nothing?”…

So there has to be a “catch”…

And I know there are some websites out there that offer you a great deal on something but then they stick you in some program that charges your card every month.

This isn't one of them. 

There's NO hidden "continuity program" you have to try or anything even remotely like that.

I'm literally giving you this entire workshop (and exclusive bonuses), for £19, as a means of "putting my best foot forward" and demonstrating real value.

My hope is that you'll love it and this will be the start of a good business relationship for years to come.
I'm making this offer with the idea that you'll be very impressed with what I'm giving you today, and you'll want to do more business with me in the future.

I'm betting that you'll enjoy the workshop so much, you'll call and ask to take additional classes or trainings from me. 

And quite frankly, this is the training I wish I had 3 years ago when I discovered this industry just 3 years ago.

My name is Alex Smale.

You probably haven’t heard that name before. That’s by design.

My life’s pretty good…

I make a stable income doing something I'm completely passionate and fulfilled by.

I control my own schedule - so I get to see my children grow up (something I always secretly felt my previous 9-5s were robbing from me...)

I take vacations and time off with my family WHENEVER I want. 

And *I* control my life now...

...rather than being at the beck and call of a "boss".

Here are some of the reasons why for me -- having TIME and FINANCIAL freedom are so important… 

Really, it all comes down to two things for me:

1 — My family

2 — my freedom

Which is why personally, I think…

I’m The Luckiest Person On Earth... Because I have those 2 things...

And no matter HOW much someone pays me...

(even if they offered me more than I'm making now)
I Won't Go Back To A "Normal Job" Ever Again.
And Thankfully, I Don't Have To Because…

THIS Business Model Is One Of The BEST, Most Fulfilling, And EASIEST If You're A 40-55yr+ UK Person

Because, whether you believe it or not...

You ALREADY HAVE something valuable inside your head that you could sell and make money with online. 

You just need a little help getting it out there, formatting it and selling it, which is...
The $266 MILLION Idea Behind The 'Sell What You Know' Model
You have knowledge.

In your head. 

That you can sell and make money with online.

EVEN IF you don't think it's valuable.


Nearly ALL of Our Clients Thought They Couldn’t Make Money With What They Already Knew Before Starting Their Online Coaching Business

However today… those same clients are making £5,000/mo… £10,000/mo… even £15,000 a month or more.

We have people getting paid to teach how to:

We have people getting paid to teach how to:

  • Fly plane simulations
  • ​Grow businesses
  • ​Do photography...

Others teach things like how to:

  • Hike
  • ​Raise happier children
  • ​Improve their marriage...

Even how to:

  • Be happier
  • ​More confident
  • ​Land better jobs
  • ​Bake cakes
  • Fly plane simulations
  • ​Grow businesses
  • ​Do photography...
  • Hike
  • ​Raise happier children
  • ​Improve their marriage...
  • Be happier
  • ​More confident
  • ​Land better jobs
  • ​Bake cakes

…and 100s of other topics!

If you have knowledge and a passion for something then, I assure you, there are MILLIONS of people out there who want to learn from you.

And that's exactly why I created the 4-Day Sell What You Know Workshop…

So that you could Plan, Create & Launch your business in just 4 short LIVE sessions…

And start making money selling what you know, in 4 easy steps.

Plus, you’ve got nothing to lose with ouw 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee.

You even get to keep everything if you ask for it!

I’m not doing this to get £19 form you.

I’m doing this in the hope that, together, we can change your life.

And I look forward to seeing you on Day 1.

Until then, to your success,
Alex Smale


Here’s What You’ll Get

when you purchase the Workshop today:

  • Core Program: Sell What You Know 4-Day Workshop (£497.00 Value)
  • ​​Bonus 1: Coaching & Feedback On Your Offer (£197.00 Value)
  • ​Bonus 2: Coaching Wealth Calculator (£49.00 Value)
  • ​Bonus 3: Hot Coaching Niches (£35.00 Value)
  • ​​Bonus 5: Successful Coaches Case Studies (£49.00 Value)
  • ​​Bonus 6: Sell What You Know Media Vault (£97.00 Value)

​​Total Value Of  £924.00 

Yours Today For ONLY £19!

The BEST Moneyback Guarantee In The World

Here's the world's best guarantee.

I know that before I get into anything... I'd like to know what I'm buying and that if it's backed by a solid money-back guarantee. 

And I want you to be comfortable with this buy.

...And even though it's only £19.00...

Like my grand dad used to say "Test drive the car before you drive it off the lot."

So here's what I've arranged:

Join the workshop, go through it, but more importantly apply what you learn in there...

And if you're not blown away by what you learn, then just shoot me an email and request a refund within 30 days.

We'll refund you your £19.00 and let you keep the workshop material AND all the bonuses free of charge.

How's that for the world's best money back guarantee? 

I'd say pretty good!

PLEASE NOTE: We have a different guarantee for our mentorship products.

Here's What A Few Of Our Members Are Saying About How This Training Pack & Workshop Helped Them...

​​Total Value Of  £924.00 

Yours Today For ONLY £19!

 Frequently Asked Questions
I want this, what exactly am I getting?
You are getting access to our 4-Day 'Sell What You Know' Workshop, available instantly. You are also getting access to our 6 other bonuses and training.
Do you offer more in depth help?
Yes. We give you everything you need in the 4-day workshop, but for people that want to further assistance we do offer opportunities to “upgrade” your order after purchasing. We also have our group of private clients (by application only) if you want us to help you implement everything.
Who is this for?
Working professionals 35-55yrs+ who want to create an online income by selling what they know.
When are the workshops?
The workshops are every week. Running from Thursday to Tuesday with a weekend break in the middle. The sessions are at 12pm or 7pm alternating each week UK time for around 45 minutes to an hour, and are all recorded and sent to you. So it doesn't matter at all if you can't be there live. You can still participate easily.
What is 'Sell What You Know'
It's a unique approach to starting a profitable online business that allows you to travel & start making a living online. without any certifications, qualifications or ANY previous business experience. It's all about packaging the knowledge ALREADY IN YOUR HEAD, selling coaching people through it in a paid program that can help you make more in a month than most make all year.
How is this different than all the other stuff out there?
Simple. This actually works for the average person. And you can get started alongside your current day-job. Plus, we have a proven track record of not just utilizing this model for ourselves, but also for our students. The other thing our customers LOVE is that you don’t need a bunch of money to start this type of business and start generating clients.
Is there a guarantee?
Yes, you get a 30 day money back guarantee in case it's not for you. I even let you keep the program.

Order Now

Order the core program & all the bonuses for only £19 today.


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We Help UK People 40-55yrs+ Make An Honest Income Online By Selling What They Know

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